Kindle DX Hands On

Kindle DX Hands On
Here’s a quick hands on. Uh, yeah, its bigger. The buttons feel very stiff, and the joystick is pretty similar to kindle 2’s. Updated

The screen looks the same, but somehow, proportionally beautiful. The screen is significantly better looking in terms of overall ratio between screen and non screen. The keyboard is about 10 percent of the overall device, where the older versions felt more like 20%. I like it, but doubt I would want to bring this on a trip or use it in bed to read. It clearly is a work device, meant for displaying 8.5×11-inch type docs. The screen refresh rates are the same—almost as fast as Kindle 2, because although it is the same engine and technology, its refreshing more info. But it is more contrasty they say, compared to generation one.

Despite the added size, it feels like the chassis is pretty rigid, thanks to the aluminium back (same design as the Kindle 2.) The name, Kindle DX, stands for Kindle Deluxe.

The device is heavier, almost twice as much (10 to 18 ounces).

Flipping to widescreen takes about 3 seconds to trigger and refresh the e-ink display, but its very much like an iPhone’s accelerometer based screen orientation sensing. It’s slow enough of a trigger than if you do it accidentally, you will be cursing. It’s like 7 seconds round trip from portrait to landscape to portrait.