Is R2-D2 Driving the Enterprise?

We know JJ Abrams is a Star Wars fan. He now says he included R2-D2 in Star Trek, and Paramount is running a contest for astromech spotters. We think we got him in two places:

One is on board of the Enterprise, doing his thing. Yes, it may be a stretch to put R2 reprising his role onboard the X-Wing, but it would be a great way to pay homage to the movies and an awesome Easter Egg.

The other is an R2-D2 passing by on a lift fork, while Kirk and Bones are talking. If you want to participate, send the scene you think he is in to Paramount or go to Facebook's Star Trek group before the May 25. The sweepstakes prize is an original prop from the film.

Andi Wang donated her eyes to get this screenshots. She's not Bothan.

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    Makes sense, since the movie is a total ripp off of Star Wars EP 4 anyways! Star trek Movie = STAR WARS..

    Next time JJ might make a REAL STAR TREK MOVIE, not a formulaic, boring star wars rip off!

    Oh, like how Star Wars IV was a ripoff of Kurasawa's "The Hidden Fortress?"

    not to defend star wars, cos i could really care less, but have you actually seen 'hidden fortress'... maybe you should do so...

    It's called an 'impulse reactor.' The design is almost exactly like the ENTERPRISE refit and the USS RELIANT (any STAR TREK movie/STAR TREK II), which came way before Abrams. It is a blue dome with a metallic reinforcement housing just forward of the impulse engines. The point is, if you got a good look, it looks NOTHING like R2D2 but it would be the place to put an egg. This furthers my conclusion that Abrams is an idiot (case in point -- CLOVERFIELD).

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