iLynx USB/Firewire Hub Review

iLynx USB/Firewire Hub Review
The Gadget: The iLynx, a wedge-shaped USB and Firewire hub that provides four USB 2 ports and two Firewire 400 ports. Its most distinguishing feature is that it matches MacBook Pros.

The Price: $US60

The Verdict: That’s pretty damn expensive for a non-powered hub, even if it does look quite nice.

The moshi logo on the front lights up, the wedge is nicely shaped and it just looks nice, but $US60 is quite a lot for a hub.

It comes with both a USB extension cord in case your machine (MacBook Pro or iMac) is slightly further away from your hub, and a Firewire 400 to 800 converter. But the setup does work, which is what’s important.

So you’ll have to ask yourself whether or not you need both a USB and a Firewire hub, whether you need to have it in one device, and whether you can justify paying $US60 for it. [Moshi]