Liquor Master Says You Take Sculpture, Liquor Seriously

<i>Liquor Master</i> Says You Take Sculpture, Liquor Seriously

It takes a connoisseur to pay a fortune for a sculpture, but it takes a maniacal boozehound with major ducats to burn to buy one to stash his (or her) liquor.

Core77 says Liquor Master was conceived by Atelier Van Lieshout, and made from foam, fiberglass and metal, and is intended to be part of a furniture collection that “uses the human form as a jumping-off point for process-based, sculptural furniture.”

(Pardon me for one quick second while I get this out of my system, but doesn’t all furniture by definition use the human form as a jumping-off point? And isn’t all furniture sculptural? And while we’re at it, doesn’t Champagne need to be chilled?)

Pseudo-intellectual yammering aside, Atelier Van Lieshout is my new favourite Dutch art posse. (Sean already knew about them.) If you think the man-shaped liquor cabinet is wacko, check out Lieshout’s inhabitable large purple sperm (named Darwin), or CasAnus, another house modeled—anatomically correctly—after the human digestive tract, or the extra large BikiniBar, or the sculpted entity simply known as Dickhead Baby, all thumbnailed for your pleasure below.

Yes, Lieshout, we’ll be watching you and your sick sick creations from now on. Keep up the full-bore insanity. [Atelier Van Lieshout via Core77]