Houston, We Got Porn On the Moon

Houston, We Got Porn On the Moon

A pornish cartoon. That’s what a surprised Apollo 16’s Commander Fred Haise found while walking on the Moon. It was in his checklist—mounted on his forearm—but it wasn’t the first time that happened:

During the Apollo XII mission, Commander Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr and Lunar Module pilot Alan L. Bean found naked pinups in one of the pages of their checklist. It reportedly made them laugh hysterically while command module pilot Richard F. Gordon, Jr. listened from his orbit around the Moon.

The reason for their surprise was in the fact that—while the main crew prepared them—these Extra-Vehicular Activity checklists were packed before the flight by the mission backup crew. They placed the easter eggs without them knowing it at all.

The drawing here is part of Haise’s checklist, whch can be yours if you get $US200,000 to $US300,000 by July 16. That’s when it’s going up for auction at Bonhams, in London, UK.

The clip here showing Apollo XII’s Conrad and Bean is from the hilarious part 7 of From The Earth to the Moon. If you have never watched the TV miniseries, do it. I can’t stress enough how incredibly good they are.

[Daylife—Thanks Genevieve]