Heresy! Apple Rejects Trent Reznor's NIN iPhone App Update For 'Objectionable Content'

I Do Not Want This news to be true, but it is: Apple rejected the NIN app update for "objectionable content." I have never felt Closer to Trent Reznor than I do today, little Piggy.

And just what was the bad, potty-mouthed content? Why, it was a reference to The Downward Spiral, hence the ridiculous references in the lead of this post.

That's about all we know for now, but sadly this is yet another example of the increasingly wonky Apple App Store approval/rejection process. Late last month, there was the infamous baby shaking app, which inexplicably managed to get through the approval process, before getting quickly pulled.

Perhaps that major gaffe has made Apple's trigger finger a bit more itchy as of late? Perhaps. [Trent Reznor's Twitter via Slashdot]

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