HDMI 1.4: Internet Sharing, More Pixels and Ridiculous New Cables

Somebody got a little too eager to share the good word about HDMI 1.4, since PCMag's original story has vanished. Short version: 100Mbps internet, higher resolution (4,[email protected]) and stupid, stupid new cable BS.

The 100Mbps data deal happens through HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) which will let internet-connected TVs share internet with other HEC devices through the HEC-enabled HDMI port. In other words, internet through HDMI ports, if it's got the right brand mojo. There's also easier audio streaming, and Automatic Content Enhancement will automagically optimise the picture based on the type of content, besides already being ready for future 3D video stuff.

Ah yes, stupid, stupid cables. Looks like I need to update the master list, since HDMI 1.4 not only requires special HDMI 1.4 cables, there are two new kinds: Low data rate, and high data rate. Hurray for confusion and new business opportunities for Best Buy. [Engadget]

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