Garmin 310XT GPS Fitness Watch Deemed the 'King of Training Tools'

So says Wired, the first folks to literally run it through its paces. Waterproofing and sleeker styling compared to its fatty fat fat predecessors are both noted pluses, but the clincher is that the 310XT does, well, ev-er-y-thing.

Really! A partial feature list: it's got an automatic triathlon mode, so you can switch from one sport to another with a single button press; synchronisation with ANT cycling power meters; support for heart-rate straps and Garmin running and cycling cadence meters; calorie, speed, distance and elevation metering; vibrating feedback for anything from distance benchmarks to time intervals to heart rate targets; customisable homescreens; charging via USB or AC. Crucially, according to reviewer Matt Honan, this isn't just well-intentioned feature-loading—all these features actually work.

It's still subject to the typical shortfalls of GPS wrist trainers, namely—though to a lesser degree than most similar products—battery life, which maxes out at about 20 hours. In practice that's more than most people will ever need, but after plunking down $US350 for what looks like a wristwatch, it'd be nice if you at least had the option to disable all the frill and use it like one. [Wired]

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