Flashback On The iPhone Is Like A Flashback To The 90s

<em>Flashback</em> On The iPhone Is Like A Flashback To The 90s

flashback.jpgFirst there was Wolfenstein. Then there was Myst. Now there’s Flashback… the iPhone’s mission to become the ultimate handheld retro gaming console is almost complete.The game is identical to the original version I used to play on the Sega Master System (or was it the Mega Drive? It’s been so long) with the controls modified to work on the touchscreen. It’s far from a perfect implementation – the control bar on the left of the screen takes up too much real estate, and the movement controls alternate between too sensitive and not sensitive enough.
But it’s still a portable version of an awesome game that countless Gizmodians grew up playing. Now if we can just get LucasArts to hit us with all their old Scumm games on the iPhone, my life would be (partially) complete.

[FlashbackThanks Alex!]