First Photographs Taken With a Palm Pre Look Merely OK

Here is one of the first photos ever taken by a Palm Pre: a blonde coed riding a stallion. A coin-operated one. Zooming in, I'm not impressed. And the photo quality is not that good either. But there is a lot more.

The 1520 x 2032 pixel image looks very videoish, just like the iPhone. I was hoping for a better camera, but I guess that everyone is cutting corners when it comes to smartphones—and there's not enough space to make things a whole lot better.

But since one photo alone is not good enough to judge the quality of the camera, here is a gallery taken by Rik Sagar—Multimedia Software Engineer at Palm—with a Pre.

I wish he had some taken in darker environments, to see the speed, but it doesn't look much different from the iPhones or Blackberries of this world. I hope someone releases one with a better camera built-in, at least as good as the ones found in some cameraphones. [Flickr—thanks Stephan—and yfrong via Twitter—Thanks Kat]

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