Filming Hubble Repair Practice, Underwater

While the Hubble repair eventually took place in space, the microgravity environment of a pool is where astronauts practiced repairs and IMAX scored some footage for the upcoming film Hubble 3D.

This 3D underwater housing is rated to shoot in depths up to 38 metres of seawater. But despite having hundreds of pounds of camera equipment tucked inside (the mini submarine is loaded with the gargantuan Solido camera), the complete waterproof package is neutrally buoyant. In other words, when completely submerged, you could balance the entire load on one finger.

A different, more compact 3D camera shot additional Hubble footage in space (the 3D-30). What's the biggest difficulty of shooting in zero G according to IMAX engineers? Focus shifts. [Photo credit: NASA]

UPDATE: PopSci just ran an interesting piece on shooting IMAX in space. More on that here.

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