Fans Really Do Bash New Star Trek for Being 'Fun, Watchable'

Remember when The Onion published that parody piece in which "Star Trek fans" complained that the new Star Trek was too entertaining? Well NPR just ran pretty much the same piece...but with complete earnestness.

From the article:

Sharon Martin, who began watching Star Trek when she was 11, says it's almost like they're dissing the generations who grew up on Star Trek.

"They keep running this ad on TV," she observes. "It says, 'Forget everything you know.' This does not seem like a positive come-on for someone like me." So she says she will wait and watch it on DVD.

You can read the print version here, but to get the full effect, you really need to listen to the audio. There's a nicer zinger about Obama really being a Vulcan that you really shouldn't miss. [Thanks Ponies!]

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