Falling Flat Screen TV Injuries and Deaths On The Rise Among Children

A new study reported this month revealed that 17,000 children were admitted to emergency rooms in 2007 for injuries related to falling furniture. Of those incidents, nearly half involved falling TVs.

Apparently, the 41% rise in injuries/deaths since 1990 correlate with the increasing popularity of flat screen tvs and the narrow stands that often support them. CNBC cites a mother named Samara Brinkley as an example. Last week her 4-year old daughter was killed when the family's 27-inch television fell on her. Only a fraction of the incidents reported each year end up being fatal, but it goes without saying that if you have children, flat panel TV's with narrow centres of gravity should be secured. Better yet, wall mount them—it usually looks better anyway. [CNBC via Fark]

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