Fake DHS Licence Helps You Get Around Stupid Public Photography Bans

Earlier this week I wrote about a man who was arrested for taking a picture of an open ATM in a public place. This fake DHS licence is designed for this type of situation.

In the event you're stopped by overzealous law enforcement or security officials attempting to enforce fictitious laws, I've designed these fictitious and official-looking Photographer's Licenses. If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can download the EPS vector art file and print your own. You'll need a photo of yourself, and OCR (or a similar font) to fill in your personal information.

Ever since September 11th, rent-a-cops and actual cops alike have been enforcing non-existent laws with regard to taking photographs of subjects that some might consider a security threat. Granted, displaying a falsified Department of Homeland Security ID in an attempt to dodge these "rules" is most certainly going to get you in a world of trouble that far exceeds taking an innocent photograph. Two stupids don't make a right my friends. [Matthew Williams Design via JWZ via Boing Boing]

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