Extremely Confident Man Builds Extremely Tiny Car

Possibly the smallest street-legal car in the world, the 39-inch high, 26-inch wide, cheekily-painted project was made by a British man out of one of those coin-operated children's rides.

Car modder Perry Watkins took the frame of the "Postman Pat" children's ride and mounted it on a quad mini-bike, using its 150cc engine. The car features a windshield wiper, lights and signals, mirrors, and even a Pimp My Ride-worthy paint job and fake racing exhaust pipes. The car, christened "The Wind-Up," can hit 64 km per hour in what we're sure is an incredibly uncomfortable and scary ride. We question the wisdom of granting this thing a street-legal licence, but for a nation of people that exclusively drives on the wrong side of the road, we guess anything goes. [The Sun via DVICE, image via The Sun]

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