E&S' 8K Laser Projectors Also Display 3D Content in HD

Fresh off of JVC's 8K projectors announcement, Evans & Sutherland's newest laser projector, the ESLP 8K, not only displays a resolution of 8K in 2D, but also projects visuals in 3D as well.

Different from other lamp-drive projectors, the ESLP 8K laser projector displays quality that is apparently sixteen times 1080p HD resolution, with a 200% wider colour spectrum, smoother playback and a miniscule environmental footprint. This laser projector is also the first one to display 3D content in 4K x 4K resolution, using only a single projector.

For those interested in checking out these high definition projectors for themselves, the ESLP 8K will be demonstrated at InfoComm this year, and will also be available on the market sometime during the second half of 2009. [E&S]

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