Energizer Hard Case Tactical Flashlight Shoots R, G, B and Infrared

Energizer's latest industrial-grade flashlight will take LEDs to war...or just your next backyard camping trip.

The Energizer Hard Case Tactical Flashlight 2AA features a 70-lumen white LED, along with four additional LEDs including red, blue, green and infrared—a selection of fine lighting choices for incognito map reading or simply an impromptu infiltration disco.

Droppable from 5 metres and including a swiveling head with a range of motion of nearly 180 degrees, it's pretty neat for a flashlight, but it'll set you back $US125. And you can call me cheap, but I just don't assassinate world leaders in the dead of night often enough to justify the purchase. [Popular Mechanics via Newlaunches]

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