Dyson’s DC28 Animal Looks, Feels, Sounds Powerful

Dyson’s DC28 Animal Looks, Feels, Sounds Powerful

The Dyson DC28 is weighty—weightier than their previous release, the agile Ball vacuums— and continues the Animal line tradition of being super powerful suction devices.

What’s new about the DC28 is the “Airmuscle” tech, which does this:

• “Powered Cam” – Only lowers and raises the brush bar instead of the whole head for different floor types
• “Pneumatic Actuator” – Seals the cleaner head to the floor to create more suction
• “High-torque clutch” – More torque on the brush bar to jostle loose more dirt

Other new features include the fingertip controls that adjust the height of the brush bar, four separate head attachments for different areas/environments of the house and a $US600 price tag. Yes, we’re counting it being the most expensive of Dyson’s uprights as a feature.

We haven’t had enough time with the vac to do a long-term assessment of it, but we did try it enough to get a feel for what it can do—a lot. On carpets, it’s strong enough to pick up small pieces of debris (as well as lots of dust) in just one pass. It’s as good on tile.

What’s somewhat surprising to us is that the DC28 isn’t not all that much louder than the smaller ball vacuums. It’s much heavier and powerful, for sure, but it’s more like a gentle giant than a screaming behemoth.

From our quick impressions, the new head with the Airmuscle technology seems to be a at least a step in the right direction. Is it worth $US600? Only if your old vacuum is horrible, or this is your first vacuum, or if you’re a really, really dirty person. [Dyson Animal]