DIY Pedal-Powered Airgun Motivates You With Projectiles

Achieving fitness goals is all about finding the proper motivation. This pedal-powered airgun does this by tapping into the visceral joy we feel when a projectile rips into a target.

The device was made with an old exercise bike, the compressor head from a small garage air compressor and PVC pipe. Apparently, two minutes of easy pedaling can get you around 65 psi—enough pressure to punch a 1-inch hole through a sheet of 1/2 inch chipboard with a hollowed out shotgun shell. Obviously, the barrels an ammunition are interchangeable on this (the creator suggests rats and squirrels as possible projectiles), but the bottom line is that your physical effort will be rewarded with pointless violence. Follow the basic instructions he outlined and you will be thin and maladjusted in no time. [Billlls Idel Mind via Hacked Gadgets]

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