Digitimes: Nokia Orders Capacitive (Read: Good) Screens for Upcoming Phone

Continuing their near-monopoly on the reportage of Asian display component rumours, Digitimes is now saying that Nokia has ordered capacitive touchscreens—the type that actually work well—from Wintek for an as-of-yet unannounced handset.

This is significant for two reasons: first, capacitive touchscreens are much, much more finger-friendly than their resistive counterparts, and could help improve the good-but-not-great Nokia touchscreen experience; and second, capacitive touchscreens are generally only popular in cultures with a Latin alphabet, i.e. not Asia, where stylus-dependent handwriting recognition is vital for the success of a touch phone. In other words, this theoretical phone has a good chance of making its way to our shores.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a Digitimes report on a Wintek order, meaning it probably came from the same source that promised an Apple netbook/tablet by Q3. Hence, salt. [Digitimes]

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