Did You Win The Gillette Fusion Phenom Prize Pack?

Phenom giveaway image emailable.jpg25 of you are about to be stalked by Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Mark Skaife, if I know anything about razor-endorsed sports stars (which I don't). So, winning the Gillette Fusion Phenom packs, which include a signed Holden team cap that Mark Skaife apparently injected part of his DNA into (or not) are the following Giz AU commenters:

Boofhead, aooooo, john, Finch, Nic, David Christiansen, Peter, Dale Wynn, Robert, Schooner, rosemary devine, Matt Williams, Tony, Brendan, Jdas, Tom D, Jabba, Aaron Kerr, Adrian, David, Paul Petsa, Greg, Matthew, Adz and Tor.

Congratulations to all our winners, who are about to enjoy even more close shaves than ever before.

[Gillette Fusion Phenom comp on Giz]

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