Crazy Man Shops In All Three Australian Apple Stores In One Day

Crazy Man Shops In All Three Australian Apple Stores In One Day

ImageConsidering the sheer enormity of the Sydney Apple Store, why would anyone want to go shopping in all three Aussie Apple stores in one day? Especially when the man doing it is the antithesis of an Apple fanboy? The answer, it turns out, is the challenge.It’s all part of Lifehacker’s Hand Luggage Only mission (which you might have seen us advertising on Giz), where Editor Angus is literally spending the month of May travelling around every state in Australia with only a single suitcase and sharing the lessons learned for more economical travelling with Lifehacker readers.

As it turned out, he did manage to visit all three stores and pick up a $100 iTunes gift voucher from each of them, which he’ll be giving away on Lifehacker. It’s a good thing he did it today as well – visiting four stores across three states would be a very big ask, and with the Robina store opening this weekend, he just avoided that very situation.

Still, in typical Lifehacker fashion, Gus picked up a few interesting pointers from each of the Apple Stores, like the fact Apple can email receipts instead of printing them out (although only Chatswood offered that) and Sydney likes to give away plastic bags.

Head on over to Lifehacker to follow the Hand Luggage Only adventures. And feel free to enter the competition.

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