Channel 9's HD Channel Now Playing Unique Programming, HD Quality Questionable

ninehd_logo_608x249.jpgAccording to TV Tonight, a couple of days ago Channel 9 finally started airing breakout programming during the day on their high definition channel. But is it really worth it if the TV shows being aired are over 40 years old?Included in the lineup of programs being aired on NineHD that are different to the regular nine channel are classics like Charlie's Angels, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. There are also more recent sitcoms like Seinfeld and Just Shoot Me. Plus movies and repeat screenings.

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The question is - is this really what Channel 9 thinks of HD? As much as I Dream of Jeannie was a classic in its day, it doesn't quite stack up to 1080p HD quality. Or are Channel 9 just testing the waters for their second SD channel which is set to launch later this year? Considering the lack of fanfare about this change of programming, the answer to that question looks to be a resounding yes.

Now we just need someone - anyone - to start giving us good quality TV shows in true HD, rather than just sport or (admittedly brilliant) nature documentaries.

[TV Tonight]

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