Breakfast Wrap, Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-muesli.jpgIntel: Kinda Thin, Kinda Cheap Laptops Are the Next Big Thing I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing a heap of these at Computex early next month.

Sprint CEO: We Won't Have Enough Palm Pres to Meet Launch Demand Which, of course, means that there won't be an Aussie launch for a little while yet.

Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler Lightning Review A chocolate inhaler? That sounds stupid.

Air-Fueled Battery Holds 10x More Charge than Current Tech But we won't see them for at least 5 years. Typical.

Giz Explains: How Electrocution Really Kills You Turns out being a gadget journalist is a dangerous job, like a firefighter. Maybe I should ask for a pay rise.

Five Reasons Why Humanoid Robots Will Someday Fight Our Wars Which will of course lead to their own war against us...

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