Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

breakfast roll.jpgIn case you missed it, we had a bit of an exclusive last night with Windows 7’s plan to start shutting down your RC1 PC every two hours from March 1. Make sure you check it out.

Here’s the rest of the wrap:
Wolfram Alpha and Google Tested Head-To-Head: Whoever Wins, We Win
This new search engine looks very interesting, to say the least.

What Does @ Really Mean?
Monkey, apparently.

Is the Xbox 360 Motion-Sensing Tech Really ZCam’s System?
Guess we’ll find out at E3…

Virgin Galactic’s Boss Says Space Travel Will Never Be Cheap
Noooo!! Damn you Branson!

These Are the Beatles’ Rock Band Guitars
I can’t wait for September to roll around for this.

The Challenge of Brushing Your Teeth In Space
Who knew that astronauts have to drink their toothpaste after brushing? Yuck!

How Not To Launch a Rocket: The Nedelin Disaster
Those crazy communists!