Breakfast Wrap: Best Of the Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of the Weekend

teapot.jpgNYT: ‘Newspaper-Saving’ Redneck Kindle Can’t Pronounce President’s Name
Oy! Bama! You can’t save the newspapers!\

Star Trek vs Star Wars: The Empire Wins Again
Far from the best Star Wars vs Star Trek clip I’ve seen, but still worth a watch.

The Trouble With Space Toilets
In space, everyone can hear your stream…

Even Steve Ballmer Says to Pay Attention to Microsoft’s E3 Announcements
Looks like it’s going to be a very exciting E3 this year…

An iPhone App Developer’s Take on Piracy: Work With Pirates, Not Against Them
Not too sure how that works with pirates of the Somali kind, but there you go.

Latest Terminator Salvation Trailer Is Four Additional Minutes of Explosive Awesomeness
Damn it’s great year for films this year…