Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

Muesli.jpgToday I’m heading to a PowerTraveller launch, and then off to CeBit. Last year’s CeBit was a bit of a waste, but hopefully we’ll see some awesome stuff this year.

Here’s the best from the US overnight:
How the F-35 Demon Helmet Looks Inside
How long until this is how we play videogames?

Garmin Postpones Nuvifone G60 Until H2, Gets This Close to Earning Lame ‘Neverfone’ Nickname
It’s officially entered the ‘meh’ zone…

OLED Displays Go Rubbery
Man, I hope OLED screens actually start getting released sometime soon at reasonable prices…

First In-Suit Shot From Iron Man 2 Catches Tony Stark With His Pants Down
I swear, Downey Jnr wears Stark like a glove.

New Snow Leopard Feature: Access Mac Files from Windows in Boot Camp
Cool, I guess.

All-American Tech: What’s Hot Here (and Nowhere Else)
And the tech we can officially hate the Americans for not sharing…