Best Buy Internals List Palm Pre Touchstone Price ($70!), Dubious Stock Date

So what do you think? Is the upcoming Palm Pre Touchstone inductive charging station kit worth $US70?

Because that's the rumoured price this morning, delivered blurrycam style by some mole at Best Buy with access to the inventory system. There's a host of other lesser Palm Pre accessories listed there too, along with a dubious May 10 "stock date" that has obviously not come to pass.

As Engadget notes, inductive charging isn't really all that impressive anymore, so I guess what you're paying Palm for is the ability to "magically" suspend your phone above your desk thanks to the power of that mystical magnet house within. Spooky action at a... high price!

It is Best Buy, however, and internal prices have been known to change dramatically before launch. Or maybe $US70 makes perfect sense to you. Let us know either way. [Pre Thinking via Engadget]

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