BenQ nScreen Is A Nettop For Your Nanna

BenQ nScreen Is A Nettop For Your Nanna

benq nscreen.jpgAnother company has thrown its hat into the nettop arena, this time BenQ with the nScreen i91 and i221. As with most nettops, you’re looking at an all-in-one monitor and PC, The i91 has a 18.5-inch widescreen LCD while the i221 jumps up to a 21.5 inch monitor and also includes a handset for VoIP. The nScreen runs on AMD’s e-Phoenix platform, has a built-in microphone, webcam, speakers and memory card slot and runs XP Home.

It’s available from Harvey Norman stores, with the i91 costing $899 and the i221 going for $1199.

BenQ Australia launches the nScreen –
plug it in, switch it on and get online
Sydney, Australia, 20 April 2009 – Following a highly successful launch internationally, BenQ has announced the Australian release of the nScreen – the clever integration of a computer inside a high definition (HD) widescreen LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Dubbed a ‘net-top’ distinguishing it from the traditional desktop PC, this ingenious new product comes in two models, the 18.5″ i91 and the 21.5″ i221.

Gone are the cables and portals that come with desktop computing – nScreen consists of an attractive slimline LCD display, keyboard and mouse and requires the user to follow three easy steps; simply plug it in and switch it on and navigate a simple installation process to get online. Enhancing the internet surfing experience is a simple set-up and friendly interface, while the streamlined, attractive design of the nScreen ‘net-top’ represents a new personal statement in living aesthetics.

One knob on the bottom right of the LCD display doubles as both the power and volume control, adding to the simplicity of nScreen’s operation. A stylish handset comes with the nScreen i221 (and is an optional extra with the i91), and works together with a built-in 1.3M webcam as a simple Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) videophone for live video chats with families and friends conveniently and affordably.

Said BenQ General Manager for Australia, Chee F. Chung, “the nScreen allows you to surf the net, check emails, view and share digital photography, video chat, watch movies and films, download music and play online games – the functions most utilised by families on the home PC.”

An attractive, slimline design means nScreen can be housed on a shelf rather than a dedicated desk therefore offering great space saving advantages, not to mention energy savings – it uses up to 80% less power than a traditional desktop computer.

“The Australian release of nScreen will enable consumers, whether young or old, technologically challenged or IT educated to better appreciate the virtues of the digital age in which we live,” said Chung.

“In fact, BenQ has given special consideration to the marketing of this innovative new product, recognising that older Australians represent a prime market for the ‘net-top’ revolution. As such, the nScreen is fitted with a virtual magnifier function making reading easier, while ‘senior mode’ lowers high audio frequencies making sound clearer,” she continued.

The BenQ nScreen can run instant photo-sharing software keeping users updated with all the latest photos of family members, allowing precious moments to be shared. So versatile is the 18.5-inch display of the nScreen i91, it can also function as a large digital photo frame.

Both models of the new BenQ nScreen run on Microsoft’s Windows XP Home edition and come with built-in speakers, a microphone, a sound system boasting two channels, a USB port, microphone in and headphone out dock and a memory card reader (MS, MS-Pro, SD, MMC).

Unique to the market, the nScreen not only represents BenQ’s debut into ‘net-top’ computing – the i91is indeed the world’s first network screen with AMD e-Phoenix platform while the i221 will launch as the world’s first VoIP network screen with AMD e-Phoenix platform.

Said Chung, “The nScreen is all about simplicity – it provides the perfect household appliance to serve today’s most relevant internet applications without the need to accommodate bulky processing components and the unsightly wiring and connections associated with the desktop PC.”

Available from April 2009 from selected Harvey Norman stores nationally. For further information and stockist details, contact BenQ Australia on (02) 8895 8800 or visit