Balloon Simulator Lets Fanboys Blow Their iPhones, At Last

Balloon Simulator Lets Fanboys Blow Their iPhones, At Last

Fanboys rejoice, because now there’s an application that will let you “blow, touch, and play” with your iPhone: MyBalloon, an almost-perfect balloon simulator. Let the bad puns begin.

Like the really cool iSteam, MyBalloon is one of those nice iPhone toys that will let you do a silly thing for $US0.99. It also uses every control element in your iPhone:

• The microphone to inflate. If you blow too much air it will explode.
• The touchscreen to control the flow of air out of the balloon, closing it or making funny balloon noises. You can also touch the balloon itself.
• The accelerator, so when you move your iPhone, the balloon bounces accordingly.

The overall effect is quite cool, resulting in a great balloon simulator—whatever that means. Unfortunately, it is not perfect because the touchscreen controls are not accurate at times. Fun for $US0.99, which depending on the user’s mental age may result in hours and hours of joy. Or just 30 seconds.

I belong to the first group.

Blow. Balloons.

Good graphics.

It’s silly.

Controls go bonkers sometimes

Maybe too silly, even for $0.99.

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