Aziz Ansari vs. IMAX Battle Escalates: Ansari Challenges IMAX CEO to Debate

Utterly lovable comedian Aziz Ansari made a fair-sized splash when he lambasted IMAX's watered-down "IMAX Experience" theatres as a ripoff. But now his single blog post has turned into a full-on debate with IMAX's CEO.

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond cites high ticket sales as evidence of customer satisfaction, which is kind of silly since Ansari would be included in these stats despite his evident outrage, and also bizarrely notes that "more than 90%" of the comments on Ansari's post were "vehemently disagreeing with him." After a very quick count, that last stat proves totally inaccurate—the comments are definitely more pro-Ansari than pro-IMAX, though not by all that much. In Ansari's words, "WHAT A SURPRISE ANOTHER IMAX LIE. Who did those numbers? The same guy who measures your bullshit tiny IMAX screens???"

In response to Gelfond's words, Ansari has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged the CEO to a televised debate. Will Gelfond accept? Probably not, but with any luck we'll get some more funny anti-IMAX rants out of the battle. Disclaimer: Your editor admits to a slight bias, in that he has a large, desperate man-crush on Aziz Ansari. [Aziz is Bored, Main Street]

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