Atlantis Crew Finishes Hubble Repairs, Celebrates With Early Morning Jam Sesh

NASA's latest Hubble repair mission was—even as orbital repair missions go—a tough one. It's great news, then, that they've finished repairing the rickety old telescope, which they'll release this morning. So they celebrated.

Barring its mildly inauspicious start, the mission appears to have gone well so far, netting us stunning photos, fascinating live video of the repairs, and of course, years and years of mind-boggling Hubble imagery to look forward to.

One thing: NASA's aggressive, wide new online strategy has been great, and given regular people previously unimaginable levels of information and engagement with the program, but some things are best left unadvertised. Ahem:

Atlantis' crew woke up this morning at 4:31 a.m. EDT to "Lie in Our Graves" performed by the Dave Matthews Band. It was played for astronaut Megan McArthur.

Not that a frumpy musical choice could put a ding in the astronauts' unassailable coolness, but early morning orbital jam band sessions seem like they should be kept private, away from the wide, judgmental eyes of the next generation of potential astronauts. [NASA]

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