Astronauts Watching New Star Trek In Space

According to NASA, the three astronauts in the International Space Station have been chilling out watching J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. Watching the Enterprise in the ISS, people. It doesn't get any better than this:

They just ended their crew day, so they're watching it now, or just finishing it up. They can go all day without seeing each other, so this is a good chance to get together.

You know, pop some corn, open some beers, and then go to the Unity node to hang out with the buddies watching a damn good space movie. All thanks to one of the astronauts, Michael Barratt, a Trekkie who requested to see the film when it came out. He didn't want to miss it, so NASA encoded it and beamed it up for them, Scotty-style. [NYT—Thanks Genevieve]

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