Analyst Says Apple Tablet in First Half of 2010

<p>Gene Munster, an Apple analyst, says that Apple's likely to release a 7 to 10-inch touchscreen tablet some time in the early half of 2010. Usually analysts' predictions are sketchy, but Munster's is slightly less so.</p>
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<p>Munster says he spoke to ” component contacts in asia analysed patents looked at comments from tim cook probably read our https:>Apple Tablet roundup), which caused him to make the prediction that the device won’t be ready yet in 2009.</p>
<p>He did say that the tablet should be more complex than an iPod/iPhone, and will be some kind of hybrid between that OS and the standard OS X on desktops and laptops. But of course, he’s still an analyst, so none of this is guaranteed to be true. [<a href=Business Insider via Wired]