Afterglow Allows You To Draw On Your PowerPoint Presentation With a Laser Pointer

Afterglow uses a USB camera to track the motion of a laser dot—effectively turning it into a drawing tool or a mouse. Now that is something every boardroom needs.

At the heart of the system is their special software that can automatically compensate for geometric distortion and track the movement of the pointer even when the USB camera is placed away from the projector. Getting set up appears to be as simple as plugging in the camera, and since the pointer can be used as a mouse, you won't need to use the laptop or a separate remote to control the presentation.

At $US1,980, the Afterglow system certainly isn't cheap, but if giving dynamic presentations is core to your business I would figure that would be a small price to pay. [Afterglow via Gadgeteer via OhGizmo]

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