Adelaide's Rundle Lantern Is The Best Looking Parking Lot In Australia

rundle lantern.jpgTake one hideously ugly parking station in the heart of Adelaide and add 748 square LED panels and what do you get? 1066 square metres of nighttime lightshow entertainment.The Rundle Lantern, created by Fusion Innovation Agency for the Adelaide City Council, opened on October 24 last year. It now runs nightly light shows from 6pm to midnight, and while it's not quite high-def, it is reportedly the largest such display in Australia.

Because it's located on the side of a parking garage, the design required each square to offer enough room for ventilation, yet remain close enough together so that the entire screen would could create larger images. The end result looks pretty fantastic, even when the entire thing isn't switched on.

rundle lantern off.jpg

I'm not sure the Rundle Lantern is worth making a trip to see, but if you happen to be travelling to Adelaide anyway, make sure you check it out.

[Rundle Lantern - Thanks Andrew!]

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