A Classic Revisited: Apple vs Microsoft, FIGHT!

Here I was, thinking that Apple was this tiny David fighting the Microsoft Goliath. Rebels vs Empire my arse. Wolfram Alpha—with its clearly presented data—has opened my eyes, giving new light to the classic flamewar:

Microsoft vs Apple in Wolfram Alpha

I mean, look at all those pretty charts and how clearly they tell a completely different story from what the general public has in mind. Apple is not that small. Only half the size of Microsof in revenue. And its employees have a lot more money generating powers than Microsoft. Do Apple employees have more EXP points? Are they smarter, and produce better products than Microsoft? Is Microsoft this slow old giant which is not so giant anymore? Should we pity Microsoft? Is Apple winning the war now?

Did you know that you can't be banned for comments in a flame war post like this?

I love the smell of napalm in the morning. [Thanks OMGPonies]

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