8Bitone Chiptunes Synthesiser App Lets You Mix It Like Mario

Everyone's heard the stories about those guys who play entire concerts on their Game Boys, or who recompose symphonies onto NES cartridges. 8Bitone is kinda like that, except on your iPhone, and without the social suicide aspect.

8Bitone is a combination nonlinear audio editor and chiptunes synthesiser, chiptunes being music synthesised in real time on old computer hardware, i.e. 8-bit game soundtracks. While 8Bittone isn't the first chiptunes synth to hit the App Store, it certainly looks like the best: writing, editing and listening to music is all carried out through a thoughtful, attractive interface, and the end result sounds as vintage-y as it should. Due in the App Store any day now, price TBA. [BBG]

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