3.5' Floppy Disk RAID Array Provides Nearly 4MB of Usable Space

What to do with a mess of floppy disk drives, an iMac straight out of 1995, and some free time? Daniel Blade Olson whipped up what's almost certainly the world's first (and only) RAID array using floppies.

Daniel took five USB floppy disk drives and through the magic of RAID managed to create one drive with 4.22MB of space (3.9MB usable space). Testing revealed pretty laughable speed as well, with a 3.6MB song taking about 36 seconds to transfer, but this kind of project clearly isn't about performance. He plans to construct an even bigger array with, he claims, 150 FDDs, which can't possibly be a good use of his energy. [Site via DVICE]

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