10 Gadgets That Will Keep Computer Users From Turning Into Quasimodo

There are throngs of reality shows devoted to documenting dangerous professions...but what about professional blogging? Like other sedentary, computer-focused jobs, we are faced with the prospect of turning into deformed freaks from years of hunching and typing. If you face a similar fate, these gadgets can help.

Posture and Eye Strain:

USB Vision and Posture Reminder: With each passing day, I can feel my posture slipping further and further into the realm of Quasimodo. In order to prevent a full-on hump, this USB vision and posture reminder can be employed to nag you back to health. Just set it atop your monitor and it will sound an alarm / flash LED lights when you get within 13.7-inches of the screen. [USB Geek via Link]

Gunnar Optiks Eye Strain Glasses: Another way to prevent eye strain and headaches from staring at the computer all day is to wear a pair of these yellow-tinted glasses from Gunnar Optiks. According to our own tests, they actually work pretty well. [Gunnar]

Chaise His and Her Chairs: There are plenty of comfortable chairs out there that can be used to help posture, but these Chaise chairs are among the most unique. As you can see, they mold to the human form—lifting, separating and, in most cases, enhancing. [Amateur DeDesign via Link]

Gaining Weight:

Trek Desk: Another consequence of using the computer all day is weight gain. The Trek desk provides a cardio workout by fitting a treadmill in with your workspace. This particular version also features a stability ball chair accessory that will work your core and promote better posture. It's also bouncy—and bouncy equals fun. [TrekDesk via Link]

Springflex UB: The Trek Desk dealt with cardio and core, and now the Springflex can jump in and handle the strength training. According to the product page, 120 exercises can be performed by simply attaching the arms to your desk. [Skymall via Link]

RSI and Carpal Tunnel:

Foot Mouse: One way to eliminate the risk of developing injuries like RSI and Carpal Tunnel is to avoid using your hands all together. As the name illustrates, the Foot Mouse lets your feet do the surfing. The footpad on the left has programmable buttons, while the right pad is used to move the cursor. Unfortunately, you will probably need the coordination of a drummer to make this device practical. [Bili Inc via Link]

Fit Fingers GripGlider: This bizarre-looking contraption claims to reduce the pain associated with RSI and carpal tunnel by strengthening the wrists with "dozens of exercises." [Link]

Swiftpoint Triped Mouse: The Triped mouse is designed to combine the mouse, touchpad, and the digitizer pen into one ergonomic device. It's also a great way to flex those penmanship muscles. Seriously, cursive is becoming extinct—and when forced to actually write something down, for most of us it looks as though we did it with a hook hand. [Simtrix via Link]

Neck Pain and Other Physical Ailments:

The Cool.con Reflexology universal remote claims to relieve pain from just about anywhere on the body using spines that stimulate pressure points on the hand. [Funshop via Link]

Vertical Traction Kit: If you have neck pain from slouching over the computer all day, this rather frightening device helps to ease pain by stretching out muscles and the spinal column. [Link]

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