Zero S Electric Supermoto Is Street Legal and Hits Top Speed of 60 MPH

The Zero S is the latest electric bike from Zero Motorcycles, and is their first street legal motorcycle. The Zero S has 31 horsepower and 62.5lb ft of torque, reaching top speeds of 60mph.

The Zero S is the followup to the earlier Zero X, the dirt bike with a smaller, 20 horsepower engine, which wasn't allowed on the road. The clutchless, one-speed bike has a battery that will let you roam for 60 miles before having to charge it (4 hours 'til full). It uses aircraft-grade aluminium for the body and a custom "Z-Force" power pack for enhanced accleration. On the more techie side of things, the Zero S also has a digital speedometer as well as a special, "projector beam" headlight, which apparently emits more "focused" light.

The Zero S will cost $US10000, and can be yours with a $US1000 down payment. It starts shipping in May. [Zero via Autoblog]

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