Your Brain to Your Hands: I Can Twitter Without You

Stupid hands, always getting the glory for all of the hard work that originates with me. Now, fingers, feel your tragic irrelevance as I tweet with electric elegance without your pitiful clumsiness!

Jesting aside, the work of the Neural Interfaces Technology Research & Optimisation Lab at the University of Wisconsin is pretty sweet—especially if you've seen The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and have had nightmares like I have of being "locked in" due to a brain injury of some kind. But where Jean-Dominique Bauby had to blink out his incredible novel from his hospital bed, this EEG-controlled interface, examples of which have existed for some time, would make things considerably easier to write your locked-in masterwork.

Something about pairing an EEG interface with Twitter though, bypassing every possible failsafe that might prevent you from oversharing your lunch with the world, makes a lot of sense. [NITRO Lab Blog]

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