YI Sound Concept Brings the Hot Jean-Crotch Aesthetic to Earbuds

This zippered earbud concept might not truly solve the eternal tangling problem, but that doesn't mean it's not fantastic.

The YI Sound earbuds wrap left and right cables in opposing sides of a zipper, letting wearers easily adjust the point at which they split. The stated purpose of the concept is to reduce cable tangle, but it's not clear how this zipper design actually helps that; if anything, the earphones' ability to pull apart into two full-length wires would exacerbate the problem. That said, the added heft, rigidity and roll-ability of such a design would make it less tangly by nature, so it might be a wash.

But it's not the convenience of an adjustable "Y" or the purported tangle resistance that makes this concept attractive, it's that it actually is attractive. Sure, it's gimmicky, and that integrated volume control doesn't look like it could even work, but this would be the coolest thing to happen to headphone cables since they straightened out. [Yanko]

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