World's Fastest Kettle: Steam Supercar to Break 270KPH Barrier

This is the World's Fastest Kettle. That's what Charles Burnett III calls his steam supercar, which will race at 270kph over the Mojave Desert this coming June. Yes, I can't believe it either.

The 7.6-metre-long steam supercar has a theoretical speed of 270kph. It uses four 90Ah electric batteries for ignition, which fires up the gas to heat twelve boilers. The boilers—which have a whooping 3.2km of metal tubing inside—can heat 13.2 gallons of water (50 litres) per minute to a temperature of 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400ÂșC). The resulting vapour is injected into a 13,000rpm turbine at go time.

Burnett will try to beat the previous record—established at 205.446kph by American Fred Marriott in 1906—over the Mojave Desert in early June.



[Daily Mail]

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