Wii Costs 45% Less to Manufacture, Nintendo Rolling In Dough

Though Nintendo's Wii can't always be the top seller, the company isn't hurting for profits. According to a Japanese investor, the cost of manufacturing the Wii is down about 45% thanks to new technology.

Since the Wii was turning a profit at the already-inexpensive price of $US250, if this rumour is to be believed, Nintendo is positively exploding with profits. That's nearly double the profits, which means even if by some insane fluke the Wii goes on a steady downturn, Nintendo will still be doing just fine. And it means that if they need to, Nintendo can cut the Wii's price down quite a bit, and pass the savings onto us grateful consumers. Congratulations to Nintendo for their heroic slaying of the fallen economy! [Kotaku]

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