Why Did Bose Never Manufacture These Bluetooth Speakers?

Say what you will about Bose, but more than once, we've found their low-end docking products to be alright. And besides, this concept is perfect for a company focused on ease of use.

Designed by a Bose intern back in 2007, these modular Bluetooth speakers offer omnidirectional sound that can be enhanced by simply adding more speaker modules. Sure, Wi-Fi connectivity might work better for networked audio (especially when it's being operated from an iPhone), and we've seen somewhat similar products from Sonos and Griffin.

But the premise of Bose lithium ion powered spheres (with and optional plugin) emanating wireless music around one's home, all controlled by a simple but sweet little iPhone app? I like it.

And it's not too late, Bose. [FilosaDesign via The Design Blog Thanks Justin!]

UPDATE: Designer Louis Filosa informs us that "I originally planned on having the speaker use Bluetooth UWB (ultra wide band). It allows for a much larger transfer rate and is supposed to be the next generation of Bluetooth."

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