White Lady Logs Onto Home Webcam, Sees Dudes Robbing Her House

Not sure if I buy this: A lady who hasn't logged on to check her WiLife webcam in three months does because of a "sixth sense," and lo, there are two gentlemen burglarising her home.

It's been all over the news, and it sure seems like a fun story to the woman, adding to my scrunched-nose look of disbelief. To top it off, the lady goes on national TV and makes a point of identifying the race of the men involved. It's a little weird, especially because it's two white people—including the "victim"—giggling while discussing the ordeal. She actually says, "The funniest is when the burglars realised that they were surrounded by the police, and they're trying to figure out, how can they get out of the house."

OK, whatever, maybe the dudes had it coming, and maybe it is funny. You take a look at the embedded CBS News video, and if you have a sense that this is all on the up-and-up, and that justice is being served, then say so. [CBS]

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