Was Steve Wozniak Unfairly Eliminated From Dancing With the Stars?

One of our more educated readers has chimed in on The Woz's Dancing With the Stars elimination. If he's right, let the Internet masses descend on ABC with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.

Says Giz reader (and dancer?) Dallas in an email to Gizmodo from this morning:

I just watched the [Woz]episode tonight and David Allen Grier and his partner Kym did not dance a Lindy Hop. He got a complete bye! He danced a Charleston. The entire routine there was not a single swing out. That was not a Lindy Hop at all! He should not have received scores nearly as high as he did, because he did not dance the correct routine.

This is the Charleston
This is a correct Lindy Hop

Watch the episode for yourself. Count how many swing outs or triple steps (the "and 8" 's) you can see. There are ZERO! The Judges would have known the difference between a Charleston and a Lindy Hop. That was no Lindy Hop. Steve Woz was screwed off of Dancing with the Stars.

Woz was screwed.

Is he right? Can any of you geeks dance? Personally, when I dance at the clubs people tend to speak in tongues and go blind, so I have no idea if this is legit or not. But I do know I love The Woz, and I agree with Blam that his dancing was "a giant (but rapidly decreasing in weight, mind you) bundle of circuit board, Segway riding, love bouncing around with the enthusiasm of a child on two barely-functioning legs" awesomeness.

Of course, as any DWTS aficionado knows, the three judges' scores are only a portion of the tally that decides a dancer's fate each week. However, if the audience vote was close, and it was the judges' score that decided Woz's fate, well... I think you all know what to do.

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