Wacky Telephone Car Guy Causes Tussle in My Backyard

The Telephone Car guy, who I didn't know existed until today, was busy this weekend one town over from where I live pissing off curious tourists and comparing this thing of his to a Corvette.

Created by business owner Howard Davis as a way to promote his telephone company, he parked the car outside of the Somerville Theatre to help promote the flick "Auto-Morphosis" which screened at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, April 25.

Folks were plopping their kids on the car and trying to take photos. One couple, who somehow fit their entire family and friends on top of the mobile, got into a verbal confrontation with the Phone Car guy. "You should have put signs up," yelled an angry mother after Davis admonished them to get off his car. "You have a tourist attraction and you expect people not to sit on it?"

Davis' response, "Would you sit on someone's Corvette?" The family still seemed ticked off.

Lastly, some free advice from your friendly neighbourhood Gizmodo Contributing Editor: Don't fuck with a guy who wears a super hero costume and drives around in a freaking telephone.

[The Loaded Gun]

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