Video Hands On: Samsung's New Q2 and U5 MP3 Players

Samsung today rolled out a couple of new MP3 players—one iPod Shuffle-like, the U5, and one in the Nano price range, the Q2.

The Q2 will save you a few bucks on the Nano, and will net you a little bit more screen real estate at 2.4 inches, QVGA resolution. Controls are via a touch directional pad below—no touch on the actual screen, or any widgets like the P3. They'll be $US100 for 8GB and $US130 for 16GB available in April.

The U5 is geared toward exercisers, and its build pretty much like an original iPod shuffle (with an end-cap USB port). A 4-line OLED screen shows you basic info, and you can also track a workout with a built-in timer. It's $US40 for 2GB in five colours, with 4GB and 8GB versions forthcoming.

Both feature FM tuners and voice recorders.

Q2 Multimedia Player
The new Q2 is a flash-memory media player featuring full multimedia functionality, including
powerful sound quality unmatched by any other MP3 player. The slim Q2 delivers up to 50
hours of audio playback and seven hours of video enjoyment, lasting through road trips and
business trips on a single charge. The Q2 also boasts superior acoustical performance through
DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology, also available in the P3, Audio Upscaler, 3D Sound
and various Concert Hall settings, along with FM radio, FM recorder, voice recorder and text
viewer. For customizable access, the Q2 also features a "Smart Button" that allows the user to
designate a specific function for quick access.

At a mere 2.04 ounces, the Q2 is equipped with a 2.4 inch QVGA TFT screen and is designed for
the practical techie looking for a hassle-free device with smarter control of media playback.

The Q2 is available in black and white.

U5 Sporty MP3 Player
The Samsung U5 is designed for the active consumer seeking a simple-to-use portable music
device without compromising style. Its lightweight design, user-friendly touchpad and USB
connectivity makes the U5 a perfect companion for consumers always on-the-go and engaged
in sports. The U5 also features an FM tuner / FM recorder, so workouts are less monotonous
with more music options, as well as a voice recorder.

The U5 is available in a multitude of fashionable colours, including black, white, red, pink and

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